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fiat sahin 2000 tc from egypt

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hi guy this is my car i have a 2000 tc engine from fiat 132
and i want to tune it
i wanna ask about   CR increase i tried to put regata 100s hi compression pistons but i cant find it here ,
so ... what can i do  (i tried to cut the cylinder head 0.5mm i am asking for the disadvatages or the side effects )
thanx ...        (and sorry for bad lang.)

guy moerenhout:
hallo Omar,go for 2 mm max and tray to find doubbel carburators .Nice model ,first time I saw this

thanks alot  guy moerenhout

hey guy  ,
my friend have fiat 132 2000 tc  and he wants to put fiat argenta manifold and convert his car to fuelinjection ..
so he want the Wiring Diagram  i searched for it but i cant find it ..

could you please give it to me  (text or pdf )  if you have it .

thanx  :)

hey again ,
you told me to put a dual carbs  .. i found it  40x2  with the manifold ..
how much hp i will get from this modification



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