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My Fiat Abarth 850 Coupe Scorpione Allemano


I have Fiat Abarth 850 Coupe Scorpione Allemano in Jpan too.
I want to change electorical transistor distributor from mechanical one.
Someone know good method?

Hello Tai,

I don't know much about your distributor, but that is a beautiful car, thanks for sharing the photos.  Are you wanting to replace the points with an optical trigger?  If so, perhaps check with Pertronix and see if they have a simple kit for your distributor.

Best regards,
Eric, San Diego 

Hi, Tai,

If you go to and click on Products then on Ignitor and Ignitor II ignition you'll see what they make.
I don't know if those parts will fit into a Fiat 600 distributor or not.

If you email he will probably know.

I'll email Paul Van der Heijden to see if he knows.

I need to get one of those for my car, too. And the rev limiter they sell.

Jim Oddie

Hello Taisaito.
I am John, of Buenos Aires, Argentina.
I have several Abarth.
In my Abart 850 TC place a system of electronic Volkswagen Gol.
Just had to put a whole axis and work in the anchorage.
Save your original distributor, the electronic is more secure.
Congratulations on your car.


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