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tiat twin cam and 911 gearbox

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I got really hook on the idea of upgrading the gearbox to the porsche transmission and then adding twincam engine. I know a guy who have a 901 porsche gearbox for sale. Futhermore a know another guy who have a 1600cc fiat Ritmo (105TC) for sale, but does this fit (And can you use the clutch housing from this engine)??

How hard is it to make the porsche gearbox fit? I have some basic mechanic skills but I havn't got that much knowlegde about tuning engines.

Maybe this project is just to big for me, but is there another (easier) way of getting some more horsepower out of a fiat 850?

Really hope you can help me.. :)

hi,if we convert the 911 gearbox,how about the drive shaft which car model do i need to the way which 911 model gearbox is this.tq

guy moerenhout:
you can use Panda,X1/9 ,BMW,Golf etc but always with adaptions ?It will not fit direct

Guy, Have you ever used a VW beetle gearbox?. If not would it work instead of a porsche one?

guy moerenhout:
its bigger and higher than 911


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