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tiat twin cam and 911 gearbox

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The car was dismantled over 10 years ago, but I still have the driveshafts.
I will measure the shaft length and send it to you so that you can be certain on the standard VW beetle aspect.
Two body mods for those driveshafts:
a) the "opening out" or "spreading" of the faces of the trailing arm to clear the CV joint flange,  as visible in the first photo of Dec 29 post.
b) shock absorber in the standard position behind the driveshaft had a threaded extension bottom rod to clear the CV diameter.

grant gauld:
I have a pair of Fiat 600 rear A-arms modified to fit a Porsche 5 speed gearbox.100PCD which can easily be changed.Includes Girling calipers.I am selling them for a friend.200eu the pair (gearbox not included).Collect in Niew Vennep, 

I have a complete 124?850 fiat conversion kit for sale
located in new Jersey, USA. I will crate and pack all items for export, you pay the frieght

Kit includes:
PBS conversion installation instructions
rebuilt 1608 twin cam fiat engine(the best of all twin cams engines)
new 9:8 to 1 comm. pitons
new rod bolts and nuts
new water and oil pumps
new bearings and gaskets
PBS B-3 intake cam
PBS S-2 exhaust cam
Faza twin cam /850 tube header and muffler
VW super beetle transmission and custom axles, with trans. mounts.
One pair modifed rear hubs and control arms
VW short shifter
PBS adapter plate for VW trans
PBS engine mount/cross member, front mount radiator and coolant tubes
PBS side draft intake manifold, two rebuilt weber 40mm side draft carbs with mount kits
heavy duty clutch and spacer for VW trans
124 rear disc brake conversion kit
price $5,950 USA

Hi Roadsportusa ,
I know this was acouple of years back, did you sell everything?
Regards, Rubino


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