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tiat twin cam and 911 gearbox

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guy moerenhout:
with this transformation its easy to adopt a twin cam on a 911 gearbox and you have a 5 speed and the good direction of turning (right)Just take one part of gearbox ,one part of cluth housing of a 124 our 131 and weld this togheter .Its fits easy in the 850 chassis and have the right gearing
Best is the old +-1965/1977 models and with small cardans .You need to take the cluth plate from the 911 ,215 mm that works fine with the cluth cover from fiat idem size .

looks good Guy

is that a 901 Porsche gearbox ? YES
or the later and bigger 915 gearbox  ? NO TO BIG AND HEAVY

if it is the 901 the gear shifting pattern is

R 2 4               THIS DEPEND ON SHIFTER IHAVE NOW       4   2  R
                                                                                                            5  3  1
1 3 5


Hi Guy

I have driven 911s with the early shift pattern ,

I hate  it for street driving where you need to use first gear often ,

its OK on the highway or race track.....


guy moerenhout:
I have fun with each car that drives like I wish

Thanks Guy, looks straight forward enough. I still have some questions.
Which drive shafts are you using? XI/9 ?PANDA ETC MODIFID
Does the gearbox spline fit striaght into the 1400 twin cam? BIGGER  BEARING
Are you using the 911 clutch with the 124 pressure plate. YES
I am sure I will have more questions as I go through the conversion (I hope you dont mind)I HAVE NO SECRETS LIKE YOU ALREADY SEE IN THIS FORUM

regards  GUY


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