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fiat 131 abarth BRAVA back from body shop


guy moerenhout:
Back in his old colors: ALITALIA  BRAVA.

They made only two cars like this and this is the one with unique suspension on the rear.

The Mc Person is changed with a double shock system and two torsion bars for the mouvement of rear hub to elimined on the gravel.

Is it possible I saw this car yesterday (28/08) on a tow plate near Bierge on E411 ?

guy moerenhout:
No ,you where seeying the ex Safari one that is sold to Germany

I'd really like to visit your museum !
Now I have a new dream .... after my old 30 years old Zundapp KS 50, I would like to have such a car !

guy moerenhout:
there is even a old zundapp in our museum


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