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Hello! Question: I see something of an "ABARTH part's package" on a FIAT 1500 Berline in the "car show section" of this website. I'm curious. Were there any ABARTH 1500 Berline's in any competition during the 1960's? Surfing the internet I do see a photo, or two, of a FIAT 1500 sedan in "Historic Rally" competition, and one or two of a 1500 sedan in "Historic Saloon Car Racing" competition on a european(?) circuit. These car's do not have any Abarth badges that I can see, but one of the recent picture's I've seen show the Abarth style wheels.....So, I assume that FIAT had these sedan's in competition, with-or-without ABARTH help.
Can anyone elaborate on the subject of the FIAT 1300/1500 sedan in competition, and any ABARTH relationship to this?

guy moerenhout:
the fiat 1500 was one off the first big cars that abarth made all parts for it .See in A.Cosentino book for more info .Also you can find in my forum the dashbord that go for it .It use the 3 instruments  with same diameter from a 500 first serie layout .

I'll check out that book......Thank You!


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