abarth cars , our in museum > fiat ritmo abarth gr 2 Hormann(Alitalia colors)

fiat ritmo75 abarth group 2 Hormann


guy moerenhout:
Yes ,I found one ,a club member was buying one and now I have found also one /1500 cc    mechanic injektion Kugelficher,colotti gearbox ,limited slip ,BBS wheels ,Full rollcage ,Koni,and all group 2 bits .I must control engine and them I must our leave it like it is our make a rallycar from it because this I like .

guy moerenhout:
Interior,Like you can see this was a serie one  and I think it over to build back like this .I find the first owner and recive some info about the car .Nice story ,hillclim and circiut.Now mayby rally ?


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