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fiat brava(131)abarth rally group 4


guy moerenhout:
yes folks ,there where two 131 abarth in the U.S.A. and I hope to find some more details from this cars.One was driven by Sandro Munari .I found the car and will soon coming in .Its a forrest/ gravel version same like my Safari car so it will nice standing nex to 4 other ex factory cars.Its the last version with 230HP(I hope this to find back) kevlar ? wings and was first registed in 1979

guy moerenhout:
its have still his injektion engine in it.I now two teams:
 So iff you have info about this teams our mayby you now them give me a mail

guy moerenhout:
some more info about the car in Fiat Abarth Portfolio  1972/1987  with a interesterd artikel

guy moerenhout:
this is the one boys

guy moerenhout:
like you can see is suspention made for gravel .Normale this car was made for Baja ,and the drive the Rally of Peru to with it


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