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webchef reKupnet:
The below car is 4 sale. I wonder if anyone can (re)make it into the ultimate abarth-transporter...

Hello, I have just bought a late '60s Fiat 1100t (217) van, as it has rails for the chassis I will do just as you said, make a transporter from it. There is one here in Perth, Australia used for Racing many years ago by Cecchele Motors (Frank), he no longer races his Abarth 131's or Uno turbo or the Lancia Deltas 1 ...but keeps and uses his much loved 241 he converted to a transporter, he won't sell it I have tried! so I build my own. here is a picture of Frank's transporter and my van as purchased.

Hi Rubino,

Your 1100t van is rare enough as it stands there.  It would be a shame to cut the body to turn it into a car transporter.

You should look for a 1100t pickup! And convert the 1100t van into a service car, equiped with tools etc

If you were anywhere in Europe I would gladly swap one of my 1100t pickups with your van...  Australia is just a little bit to far...

But that's just my pennies worth.

Best regards,


Thank you Yves, Yes in Australia they all are rare! we did't get alot of the goods that europe got, I wanted a 241 like Franks but none around, not many in its time also. where in Europe are you? do you want to sell a pick-up?
Regards Rubino

Hi Rubino,

I'm in Belgium and my cars, vans and trucks are in Guy's Museum, adding to the total experience :-)

Have a nice day



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