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guy moerenhout:
same engine was in Fiorino ,127,and lancia Y turbo also in 1300 cc in 127 sport

thank you for the information ,

which models of Fiat or Lancia had the 1050cc pushrod motor ?

were these motors only made in Italy ?



I believe the 1050 pushrod motor was only sold in the Autobianchi A112 70HP.   I think there were a bit over 100,000 made.

guy moerenhout:
I some country also in other models like Spain had the 70 HP  in 127  abarth


I have a 127 mk 1, and I want to upgrade it a litle to use in regularity rallies here in Portugal.

Since I can't spend too much money I' m thinking to swap the engine.

Do anyone knows if the 1.1 (from the 128) or even the 1.3 plus the 5 speed gearbox from a Lancia Delta is a bolt on swap?
And if it isn't, is it a dificult task?

Kind regards
Carlos Vaz


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