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guy moerenhout:
Fit it complete with gearbox and with some heavy nights it will be possible


This is good news...  Whit the 1.3 from a Lancia Delta I will have more than 70 hp stock and a bit more whith some tweeks... and I also like the ability to meke rpm from theese engines...
Do you know any of thesse conversions?

Kind regards

Carlos Vaz

whit 1580ccm from fiat tipo you have 90 hp stock

I raced in 1979 with a 127 group 2 which had been used in the french "rallycross" championship .
It was a very amazing car, very easy to drive .
I entered a rally in La Rochelle and we were 3rd of the class 1300cc of the group 2 ( together with a lot of Simca 1000 Rally 2 ) .
I recovered a photo, I try to enclose
Best regards

guy moerenhout:
its a petty that you dont have it anymore otherwise it was standing good in my museum.It look like one off the 127 abarth cars ,see painting and wheels


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