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guy moerenhout:
the abarth cars where use in rally and  a sort of gravel/speedway sprint ,mostly in France.The cars where 1050 (brasilia  engine) with overhead camshaft.Double carburators exhaust manifold ,steeringwheel (special for this model),stronger shocks and special wheels four spoke design.The car had a special design on side off car.

Hi there!

Is there any drawings , pictures or written material, which could help to get better idea of that car.

I have found only a few photos of the car in alitalia  colors. I think that car took part in Quebec rally in 1978, unfortunatly without much success.

is a 127 motor the same as the A112 motor ?


guy moerenhout:
in most case it was the Brasila engine=1050 with camshaft on top .In Spain see forum there was also a 127 abarth with the A112 70HP engine ,see forum for leaflet


--- Quote from: DaveA on May 10, 2007, 11:51:19 pm ---is a 127 motor the same as the A112 motor ?

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 No, like Guy said, tthis 127 1050 engine is not the same as an A112 1050 engine. The 127 1050 is similar to Fiat 128 style (single overhead cam). The A112 1050 is like the Fiat 850 engine (overhead valves/pushrod type).



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