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guy moerenhout:
new rally bilstein,
lots of new parts body welded ,
can be build like group 3 ,
serie 1 group 4 or stradale ,light hardtop with plexi ,group 4 exhaust ,
You have the choice when you buy it now or wait and see what I build from it...

What would the price be for this ?
What comes with the car ?
Is it complete with engine and interior ?

thank you for your answer.

guy moerenhout:
hallo, the car is complete and comes with original engine and gearbox .
Also a abarth 124 rally hardtop with the plexi rear window.
I don't know yet I will fit the stradale wings or group 3/4 wings .
Also possible the 7x13 .
With the car was a photo that the car was like this before
All depend on specifications.
Interior original with Fusina type seats

guy moerenhout:
other parts in

hello guy,

why do you have not used matt black bonnets instead of the shiny black bonnets for the car? original matt black looks more cool.



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