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Anybody know of this car for sale at newbielink: [nonactive]  Would the chassis plate or body have a unique number or stamping to denote it as an Abarth?  The Abarth Buyer's Guide says there should be an oil temp and pressure gauge.  Where should they be?  The abarth badges on the sides and lack of rear seat are not correct for this type car...right? 

Thanks in advance...vamark

That link doesn't work for me, even when I take the ? mark out.
Yes, there should be an ABA serial number on the car.



I just purchased this car today and then was looking around online to find more information and found this forum and this post!  The car looks authentic and it also looks like it needs some work to return it to stock configuration.  I'll post more photos and description when it comes home to my garage here in San Diego.

Best regards,

guy moerenhout:
the suplement instrument that where sale like a lambo our somethings like this where like a option and not standard .I sold several and only one had this .The red car looks good .Beter is not to overrestore the car and drive it .The are made for it and it was one off favorits from C.Abarth .On this car there where NO ABA no on .There was only a Indentification plate from Abarth on.PS its one off my favorits to and share drivetrain with the Francis Lombardi Scorpione S (not SS)

Nice looking car!  Not a bad price for the real thing.  It must have been repainted in red.  They only came in white or red, and the white ones had the red emblem on the front grille, and a red interior.  The wheels and hubcaps look original.  Too bad there aren't engine and interior photos.  There is no Abarth number stamped on these models, but there are numerous body modifications that identify it as a real Abarth and not a fake.  Mine does not have an oil temp. or pressure gauge.  I do not think the Abarth badges on the side are correct and were probably added when the car was repainted.  There should be a stock rear seat in place.



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