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problems to get registered, or to get on to the forum?


guy moerenhout:
hello boys (and girls),

as we understand that not everyone is an internet-specialist and that sometimes you just get stuck:

if you have trouble to get your approval/password/confirmation-mail, just give the webchef a mail to override the system and get you in by the backdoor.    ;-)

click here on the mail-link, fill in your alias and send: <a href=mailto:webchef@abarth-gmr.be?subject=let me in on the abarth-gmr forum&body=my alias: >webchef@abarth-gmr.be[/url]

due to a lot op spam, we delete a lot of suspicious accounts and sometimes innocent bystanders can be part of the collateral damage.
choose a car-related alias, activate your account, complete your profile so we know you're a real abarth-fan and no spammer. thanks.

cu @ the abarth-gmr-forum !

webchef reKupnet:
As we try to protect our forum from spammers, the login procedure has altered.

You now have to wait till an administrator approves your account, before you can post.

As a guest you can already read all the topics and posts on the forum, so no worry that you would get bored while awaiting your approval !

Thanks for your understanding.

PS: Try to pick an alias that connects to you or your hobby with cars.
Aliasses with connections to s*x or blue pills are always rejected !

webchef reKupnet:
as we upgraded the forum-version, and moved servers, a lot of older photos disapeared.
it seems that the links to the files are corrupt.
if you still have photos on your computer, do not hesitate to modify those topics, while we look for a way to reconnect...


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