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new floor now fitted


guy moerenhout:
I started on this car and will make him like you see in the nex topic  like a retro racer .Because I have to move the car to new place whe weld in a new floor and will do already some work on the suspention parts


can you post some photos of putting the floors in ?

and  which floors did you put in ?

original Italian Fiat floors or ???



guy moerenhout:
hallo dave ,base for a Allemano Spider 750 is a 1957  fiat 600 .The floorpan is stronger than the newer 600 ;Almost all floorplans that you buy now are remake for the newer so I was taking floorpan from 500.The are stronger and I build back some reforsments on like on the car was in the corners

Hello Guy

Are the Fiat 600  floorpans from Argentina better ?

are there  floorpans from Yugoslavia ?

or where do the Fiat 500 floorpans that you used come from?
and what do you need to make the 500 floorpans fit in a 600 ?

Thanks for your help


guy moerenhout:
hallo Dave in the front you must make a litle longer ,come from germany


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