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francis lombardi abarth 1300 S


guy moerenhout:
This car is now to in the   bodydepartment and will be painted red.
The car will receive his 1300 cc engine and gearbox , Campagnolo wheels and a racing interior.
There are not many left so it was worthwell doing this .
Some say that it is too much work,
but if it is like this all these cars end up on a scrapyard.
I prefere a rebuild abarth instead.

guy moerenhout:
back from shop and waiting for his remake campagnolo wheels .I have fitted now the CD 30

guy moerenhout:
 original abarth engine ,like you can see on the no in front on engine.Airfilter is also a bit different from the Fiat airfilter because otherwish it hit the body


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