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detail video of Fiat Abarth 2000 OT Coupe America


Only a few of these 2 liter Abarth-engined 850 Coupe-based cars were made. This one at SpaItalia can serve as a model for anyone building a replica:

Hi Jim,

I was worthless at work today and it's all your fault.  I followed the link to youtube and watched all your videos.  The museum was mind-boggling!  What a magnificent collection of really fascinating little cars, and all in immaculate condition.  I gotta find you at Woodley Park and get the whole story.

Best regards,
Eric, San Diego

You're right, Eric, the museums were beyond belief.  If someone had told me about them I would have thought they were exaggerating.

Leo Aumueller asked me to take his collection off of youtube, as he didn't want the attention of possible thieves.  His was probably the most impressive to me, as while Englebert Moell supposedly has 10 more cars, he must have them scattered around in different locations.  He had about 10 cars out for restoration or loaded for the hillclimb when we were there, so we didn't see the bulk of his collection, I suspect.

Last year I had a meeting of the Southern Calif Fiat Club at my house near Long Beach to show a video of my visit to SpaItalia. I'll probably have a meeting here early next year and show the videos of the collections, as they look better in higher resolution.  I'll try to remember to tell you about it, so you can come if you like.



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