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reborn 131 group 2 rallycar


guy moerenhout:
tree year ago I fond in a barn a old rallycar  complete dismanteld and a real ruine .Believe it our not its was the car the old rallycar from my friend (that working on engines for me)I was buying this and give it like a present and he didend believe his eye .Now after 3 years the car is back working and ready to do rallysprints .Everbudy must do this with the oldrallycars and safe them

amazing work , congratulations Guy !

guy moerenhout:
I dont do this .The old and new owner Luc  Vervloet in belguim did this two times

i am looking for some information for my next project: 131 racing group 2; anyone knows more abaout specifications? can i get FIA when fitting a Abarth bodykit to my racing ?
thanks for giving my info...

guy moerenhout:
group 2 wings are almost same size and design so it must be possible with this not with complete wings


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