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hello, i'm luis from Barcelone, and i have a four doors Seat 131. I like this car, but in original condition it isn't very attractive to me, so i have modified it with a fenders kit made myself and this is the result:

guy moerenhout:
I must say that I like it too.
It's the second time that I see this but with the Spanish rallycars in mind it's normal.

Dear Louis,

First of all, let me congratulate you for your skills in handicraft.
I see you are dexterous while working with fiberglass, pvc, gypsum, mouldings, hardboards and others. For this reason I invite you to join another website: newbielink: [nonactive]
I think that you've set the post in the wrong forum. is a meeting point for experts and fans of oldtimer sport cars all around Europe, specially digging in with the Abarth cars.
Most of us would never do an act of cruelty with our father's car as you've done. It deserves some respect, coz is the family car that brought you when you was a child, and this 131 should have had a peaceful retirement.

Please let me notice a few things:

- The hand made spoilers and fenders give to the car... a frightful looking (in add., must see the original wheel arch behind the plastic adding!! Greatful!!)

- What happens when one of the rear doors is managed to open?

- Have you ever thought in purchasing a Citroën Saxo (or any other cheesy car) and model it like a flower vase?

- Which are your aims with this car?

According to the number plate (BN), this car is a late 1975 or early 76 model, a 131... 1.6L engine (if it still keeps its original engine and the right number plates). The question that comes immediately to my head is... how do you move this car (f.e. after stopping in a traffic light) with the poor torque and the extremely oversized wheels?

A few months ago I repaired my roof and I still keep some surplus pipes and gutters. If you are interested... I can send them to you (free of charge), to set up a rear aileron (I see you haven't) or any other extra equipment that gives you some extra horsepower...

webchef reKupnet:

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Every body is free to do whatever with his car, money and spare time.
( your webchef is working on a kitcar since years and years ->  ;-)   )

I think it's healthy we don't take ourselves too serious.

Virtuele groet,
webchef @ &
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guy moerenhout:
hallo all,
I agree with my webmaster (therefore he his is a master... ;-)  )
Everyone has the right to build a car like he sees it and wants it.  Also with his possibilities, money or parts.
In lots of countries like Afrika they cannot very easy find them and one of our goals is to help people who wish to have a car of their dreams.
If someone say it's not "original" than he is not in the good place.
All cars are made from parts, all abarth are made from several parts and the factorycars were complete different from the cars sold to the world.
So leave us our dreams and if we cannot make cars like this, than we must rather look at television to boring footbal-games and such.


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