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General question about papers / fiche from rally cars

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I can buy some fiche from rallycars for about 40 euro a piece. Quit expensive I think.

Can you tell me what kind of information I will find on these fiche?
Does it have pictures and drawings?
Does it contain information how the rallycar is build?
And what language is the fiche mostly?
The fiche comes from the CSAI  (Italia Sport Car Commission)

Best regards, JC

guy moerenhout:
hallo  JanCor ,the are picture in it and give you some idée what you can our may do,It give you no info for building .The are most Englisch/frensh .You have some natinal to but this is only for inside country.What type you are looking for ? I have some old ones from Italy in Italian .Normale it the country where the car manufacter is that makes the homologation.Whit this you can see that the Simca abarth 1150 was NOT french  but Italian and was complete build by Abarth (only 10 cars build )and in group 5 =prototipo

Thanks Guy,

I am looking for the fiches of the Fiat Uno Turbo Rally group N.

guy moerenhout:
I will see ,mayby I have one somewhere .Buts for you its easy:you may change only the shocks and nothing more .What I did is change the regulation from turbo and that is all .The make for the first time Koni on my car in Holland

Well that sounds good to me!
With the Koni shocks, what kind of springs did you use? Or which springs were used in the rally cars for the Fiat Uno Turbo?

And about the turbo regulation? Just a permanent solution or could the turbo pressure been regulated when driving?


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