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guy moerenhout:
where whe can have more about this rare car ?  parts ,car ?,wheelextentions and more ?

More information and a lot of pictures (more to come soon) about the Lancia Beta rally car at:
newbielink: [nonactive]
Firstly: sorry, but the Lancia Beta works rally cars of the 1974-1975 World Rally Championship are not Abarth cars!.  In these years, inside the Fiat group, Abarth was the motorsport division of Fiat brand, and Lancia Corse the motorsport section of Lancia, and they was rivals for years in the championship.
The 16 v. engines of the works Betas are very similar to Fiat 124 Abarth ones, more information about the scarce 16v. homologation special heads at newbielink: [nonactive]
A guy in United Kingdom are doing wheelarches extensions for the Beta, I donĀ“t know him. In the web group newbielink: [nonactive] (in a photo gallery) are some pictures of a Lancia Beta rally car replica with this wheelarches. Perhaps members of this phorum know this guy.
See this car pictures at:
newbielink: [nonactive]*wcGTTEHSUdKohRyXeUEAPw2obzx7U0obZRqlg0v*Y7VVn4WvGB3Kt1R!z37w9Lf7U7kS2EaMzozTAgBwIhg/AGM1.jpg?dc=4675430284627527988

Yes, it is the complete web address of the picture!.
Best regards.

Manuel de MIGUEL:
Hello Guy and "tododelado" (all the way sideways).

Your remarks about FIAT and LANCIA racing departments are true.
But let's not forget that when Lancia corse needed an engine, they opened Abarth drawer and picked-up the parts from there (except for the Stratos for which they oepened the Fiat-Dino-Ferrari drawer).
So, now, 35 yesrs later, I guess we can call this Beta Aabarth-Beta or at least Abarth-engined Betas.

With my kind regards,
Manuel de MIGUEL

I am agree with you about the "abarthised" fiat-lancia twin cam engine of the rally Betas, but I point that the cars was built and mantained in lancia corse home, with the Stratos, not in Abarth-Fiat works (where the Fiat 124 Abarth rally cars was built). But yes, I think Abarth put his contribution to this car too.
Please, Manuel, tell (or better show) us something about the Lancia Beta rally car ex-works, ex-Reseau Chardonnet of France, that your company have for sale in the american Lancia club.
Have raced this car with Darniche in the Chamonix 24 heures?.
Best regards.

guy moerenhout:
very nice fotos on your site form this car .Is it possible to send me the info for the dashbord lay out :instruments etc ,if I wish to rebuild a car like this .Also where can I find wheelfenderextentions like factorycars ?I now Iresa make intake manifold and exhaust collector ,but like the wheels etc  where can  I find this ?


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