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guy moerenhout:
I did not believe my eyes when I found this car in Belguim!

* 82000 km real
* no rust
* no dammage
* original hardtop with glas all in place
* floor perfect 
* CD 30 painted long time ago (but not in engine compartiment)
* competition fueltank (corsa, first real one I see, except for photos from prospectus) with aluminium cover
* special big wings oilsump
* seats carpets new recovered
* dashboard whithout one supplement switch
* ... I opened bonnet and inside there was a 131 abarth V16 engine.
Exhaust was gouing so I must place a new GR 4 .
I find out that the car come for Turin like it was and use by a garage that sold the car to his chiefgarage and he keep it whitout driven .
Now I am the lucky owner and mayby I will - that's my job, after all   ;-) - resell it.

guy moerenhout:
I recive with the car the original engine that I will rebuild

Hi Guy,
Can you show pictures of the fuel tank?

guy moerenhout:
In two weeks Ok same like on propect fiat abarth 1973

Nice car in incredible condition. I would like to see the VIN plate that is in the engine bay... and once again, do you have a picture (or more) of the gas tank... I would like to see them 'cause I'm making a replica.

Thanks and regards.


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