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Nysa "rallyservice "whe have one


guy moerenhout:
yes boys ,our first Servicevan for our Polski Fiat  rallyteam is there .I have found via our friend Roman(ex rallydriver Polonez)a" Nysa",so if you have photos from the time with the publicty on send it to me.In the time the fit a fiat 2000 cc twin cam and disx brakes Porsche on front but this whe will not do. So now a 125P stationcar and for the Fiat and fso a 242 van and whe have our collection .The car have 51000 km on the instruments and almost no rust(one place )I am waiting on photos  ???????????????

guy moerenhout:
I am looking for the way this cars where painting .In Warchow there where till 5 years ago this service cars with the Daewow factory .Do you now where the are?

guy moerenhout:
today I start on our Nysa  Rally Service  project
I have seen  in Poland the Nysa  with a Fiat 131 Racing engine ,special gearbox and uprated  brake  but  nobody send us more info and  paintcolors from this Car .
So please  look in your files and send me this


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