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guy moerenhout:
I have found a very good serie one spider 850 serie one .A good base for making a 1000 OT spider like a was racing.All parts and sign are here .Also the wheels are now again possible on a good price .When the car is then also on good price where are you waiting on.

andy c:
nice looking car guy

Wow! This looks like a  REALLY nice car, Guy.
Have you considered putting it on ebay?

Jim Oddie

guy moerenhout:
hallo;untill now I have not yet use E bay.

guy moerenhout:
I start with placing the rear louvre grill,take out the ventilation holes,place front scorpione and the Fiat Abarth sign .I fit the original steering abarth OT(big) and 6,5 x13 campagnolo wheels  so it almost look like a abarth Also on front bonnet rubber safety hooks and for the purist I have even a 1000  abarth in stock iff the wish


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