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Beta Abarth 16v Heads


Hi Everyone,

I'm looking for an Abarth 16 Valve head as used in the Lancia Beta Group 4 Rally cars. They certainly look the same as the ones used in the 124 Abarth Rally Group 4s, but I'm not sure if there were any subtle differences. The 124 heads I believe are referred to as a 232 type? I'm also interested if anyone knows which blocks the Group 4 Beta Coupes ran. They were prepared by Lancia Corse as opposed to Abarth, but does this mean they ran the Lancia 828AC1000 block or the Fiat 132AC4000? I guess the info may be in the homologation papers?


Steve M

guy moerenhout:
heads are use on beta ,124 abarth,seat 1430 and X 1/9 prototipo So not many made and I have find only two on all my abarth time and I was lucky.The where coming from africa(canary islands)


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