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demands !!!


guy moerenhout:
I have taking all seats ,etc out off the car and whe find inside on rear the original fittings for a rolcage ,is this normale in a stradale ?I dont now .Also in the car where preveu two holes from cooling the rear brakes ?Also normale ?The story goos that the car was a mulat (training car) from Fiat  and comes from Libanon.Now my demand is that someone now more about this car our Rally de Libanon.Front recive some accident on right sideand you see that there was a antena for radio on roof.Now Imust find out iff not better to build in a gr 4 dashbord,rollcage and change colors

guy moerenhout:
some  more

Hi Guy, My car is an 131 Abarth stradale (75) and it have the rear brake holes in the body very simmilar to your pictures.   I dont remember  the rollcage supports but I will see my car in order to confirm this, I don´t know if  the latest versions came with this supports.
I will send some pictures tomorrow  to compare.

Hi Guy,

As you know a do also own a 131 Abarth Stradale.I also know almost everything about this car.
If you have any questions you know where to find me.


Hi Guy ,  you can see the pictures of my stradele, the ducts and the rollcage supports are the same......


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