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guy moerenhout:
a new 124 abarth rally ,this time a white will come in ,more infor and photos nex week

guy moerenhout:
this is the car , now the wheels are CD30 not the 7x13 like on photo

dear guy,

what is the price for the csa???? which chassis number???? and why do you not sell the 7x13 cd66, not on the car yet / away / sold?????

what about more pictures and information in the forum????? who are the last three owners??? car from switzerland????


guy moerenhout:
I will recive the car only tommorow and I dont now the story off it .I now that the specialist from Swiss was looking to buy the car when it was in restoration but the owner ask to many  for  it.My info say that the car was very nice so I was buying it from Swiss .Today my driver /helper phone me that the car was realy good and that I made a good chose.I will see for price when car is imported and taks payd.Mayby you now more off it then I???????????????? I need the 7x13 for my rally group 4 car

hello guy,

if my informations are correct, than should be the chassis number of the car: 124CSA0073203. i looked for the car 3 or 4 years ago but i don't bought it because the price was so expensive and i had to do some cosmetic changes like original fender wings, outside mirror and so on.....the last know owner, which i know, was rolf schreier from switzerland BUT i lost the car out of my eyes.

can you tell me something about the historie, especially the owners, when the car is in mortsel????

do you have at the moment original cd66 7x13 for sale OR are this rims really hard to find?????

best regards


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