abarth cars , our in museum > 131 abarth Alitalia ( 70)

8 world wonder ,you must see to believe it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!very happy


guy moerenhout:
this will cost my al lot off beers and whe will drink them this evening.Today when whe where working on Electricity  off the 131 whe find on the car, protected with silicone the officical  security  label from the EAST AFRICA  SAFARI RALLY        1980    NO 3 (group 4/class 3)   Each car had this on it place by the  technical controle.Whe did now this until now and whit this the proof is there that the car is real  and did several Safari rally  Now whe now shure that the last rally with ULyate was in 1980 ,before  1979 with him to and he told that the car was before from Fiat abarth factory ;who was the driver before ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

guy moerenhout:
yes   1980   


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