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850 spider rally

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guy moerenhout:
I was driving with a 1000 OT in Tulpen rally and I now there was a Spanisch 1600 spider !!!! (850 seat spider) but are there more?

Manuel de MIGUEL:
Hello Guy.
Nver heard about this car in Soain.
Anyway, I'm going to try to find out.
By the way, yesterday, one of my old friends (Manuel Torruella) paid a visit to me and he tols me ha had raced the Targa Florio with a spanish registered 2000 OT (850 coupe based). He also had a 2000 barchetta.
He bought both from the Canary Islands.
I'll try to know more about these cars.
Kind regards,
Manuel de MIGUEL

Manuel de MIGUEL:
Hello Guy.
I have just sent to you some information about this car.
Unfortunately, as I'm not able to send pictures to your forum, I have sent some direct to you so that you can include them in forum if you find them interesting.

Best regards,
manuel de MIGUEL
IRESA S.L. [nofollow]

guy moerenhout:
its very easy ,click on additional options ,after Bladeren ,find your photoin your files .If you wish more click on More ,bladeren etc ................ 1600 1750
Medidas (carreraXdiámetro 80 x 80 mm. 81 x 85 mm.
Cilindrada 1.608 c.c. 1.748c.c.
Indice de compresión 10,6:1 10,6:1
Potencia/régimen 149 CV/5.500 r.p.m. 161 CV/6.700 r.p.m.
Par/régimen 17,4 mkg/5.500 r.p.m. 18,6 mkg/5.300 r.p.m.
Carburador 2 Weber 45 DCOE   
Escape 4 a 1   
Lubricación La de serie, con radiador   

guy moerenhout:
Voila cet fait ,and it better in Spanisch ,french , flamisch than to have nothing our now nohing about it


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