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  • classic cars in Warsaw: May 20, 2006
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Author Topic: Second Annual Festival of Antique Automobiles – Norblin 2006  (Read 5130 times)

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exhibition about classic cars (1900-1980) in the Museum of technology in Warsaw by the association FSO Auto Club.

a few very interesting cars on display:

  • polski fiat 125p acropolis- replika
  • fiat 124 abarth
  • polonez 2000
  • humber 1908
  • adler1901
  • lancia strato's...(! GMR !)

Pozdrawiam/Best regards
Krzysztof Matosek

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is our pleasure to announce the opportunity to collaborate with us during the „Second Annual Festival of Antique Automobiles – Norblin 2006”, which will take place on May 21-22 on the grounds of the Museum of Industry, the former Norblin Factory, on 51/53 Żelazna Street in Warsaw.
Once again, the Technical Museum, together with the FSO Auto Klub Society are undertaking the organization of the large two-day open-air event dedicated to the subject of automotive history, the Festival of Antique Automobiles.
This is a type of moving exhibition in which the antique cars are driven around, and you can take rides in them, examine the interiors, as well as talk about the wonderful years of Polish motoring history.  During the course of the Festival, many exciting events take place, such as contests, demonstrations, film shows, a used-parts market, as well as meetings with eminent personalities of the automotive world and faculty of the Warsaw Technical University’s Automotive Vocational School #1, located on 88 Hoża Street.
Our exhibition garners the attention of enthusiasts and automotive buffs alike, as well as hoards of young children, who, along with their parents and sometimes grandparents, arrive in great numbers to see our Polish motoring history.  For many people visiting the Festival, it’s a sentimental trip back in time to a forever-lost bygone era.
We are inclined to continue these festivals, urged on by the impressive attendance during past events, as well as relatively great interest shown by the media and positive sentiment shared by the city’s leaders that such events are vital for Warsaw.
During the course of May 2005’s First Annual Festival of Antique Automobiles, more than 1800 people came to see the attraction, and during the End of Season Festival in October, we counted over 1100 people, which we consider a huge success, considering all the other competing automotive-related events taking place at the same time in Warsaw and the surrounding areas, not to mention the poor weather.
Our permanent media sponsers are, among others, Echo Miasta, GT Classicauto, TVP3, Polskie Radio, Motor, Samochody Specjalne, Automobilista, and Super Express, while the Mayor of Warsaw’s Wola District and the Board of Management of FSO S.A. have both stepped up as honorary patrons.
Some of the other organizations who have insisted on working with us include the FSO Automobile Factory (Fabrykę Samochodów Osobowych S.A.), Club of Friends and Workers of FSO (Klub Przyjaciół i Pracowników FSO), Warsaw Technical University Division of Automobiles and Machine Tools (Politechnika Warszawska-Wydział Samochodów i Maszyn Roboczych), Kardan Club of Antique Automobile Enthusiasts from SGGW (Klub Miłośników Starej Motoryzacji Kardan z SGGW), as well as Experts from the Polish Automotive Association (Rzeczoznawców z Polskiego Związku Motorowego).
We are convinced that the planned exhibition will attract not only more publicity, but gleaned from the experience of past festivals, this event will be much more broadly disseminated and advertised.  As with the previous editions, the full income from all ticket sales will be earmarked for the conservation and restoration of the Technical Museum’s automotive exhibits, which is being carried out on an ongoing basis by the members of the FSO Auto Klub Society, completely free of charge.
Up to this point, using these proceeds, we have managed to refurbish and repair many automobiles, from a 1917 Ford Model T to a 1957 Mikrus, 1984 Beskid, and 1977 Ogar.

I’d like to present to you the schedule of events planned for the Second Annual Festival of Antique Automobiles, with the expectation that this exhibition will arouse your interest and convince you to take part in the support of this noble historical event.

Schedule of Events for the Second Annual Festival of Antique Automobiles, Norblin 2006

Saturday, May 20, 2006

9:00  Opening of Museum
9:30  Kick-off of Festival
10:20 Presentation of Ford Model T
10:40 Parade of antique motorcycles
11:20 Parade of automobiles
11:50 Viewing of Museum’s car mock-ups
12:00 Contest of Festival trivia
12:20 Lecture on Fiat 125p
12:45 Contest for kids
1:00  Antique motorcycle sprint
1:45  Viewing of model cars
2:10  Presentation of Museum motorcycles
2:40  Presentation of Polonez with pneumatic suspension
3:30  Contest of Polish motorcycle trivia
3:45  Meeting with FSO Auto Klub
4:00  Film show – „Project Washrag”
5:00  End of first day

Sunday, May 21, 2006

9:00  Opening of Museum
9:30  Viewing of sports cars
10:00 Viewing of old Fiats
10:15 Contest of FSO trivia
11:00 Presentation of Museum’s motorcycles
11:30 Contest for kids
11:45 „Ballad of Seven Wonders” – film show
12:00 Presentation of Polonez with pneumatic suspension
12:20 Contest of FSO car trivia
12:30 Viewing of model cars
12:50 Viewing of prototypes
1:00  Walk around Norblin
1:30  FSO in the annals of film - film show
2:00  Meeting with FSO Auto Klub
2:30  Viewing of Museum’s models
3:00  Settling of contest winners
4:00  Conclusion of Festival

Throughout the duration of the Festival:

*car rides
*information about upcoming events
*sponsors’ advertisements
*accepting votes for Most Beautiful Car of the Festival
*sales of gadgets, souvenirs, automotive literature and parts
*legal advice concerning antique automobiles
*food sales
*reliable information about cars on exhibit for attendees

The exhibits gathered together in the Museum of Industry are witnesses to the achievements of the Polish automotive industry; that’s why it’s imperative that we, as lovers of all things automotive, not allow the achievements of Polish engineers to be forgotten, and ensure that the younger generations have a chance to become acquainted with one of the many branches of Poland’s rich history.  For this reason we also seek firms and institutions who, on principle, will work together with us to support our activities.
In exchange for any type of advertisement and promotion of your firm, we would appreciate receiving support in the form of financial resources or items necessary for further restoration of the Museum’s antiques.

We propose the following forms of advertising:

*promotional balloons
*stand set up by sponsor with the possibility to sell items
*hostesses handing out sponsor’s advertising materials to the public
*sponsor’s logo on press releases, posters and brochures
*patronage of advertising materials by journalists
*professional staff of Festival dressed in sponsor’s colors
*contest promoting sponsor’s products
*advertisement on the Society’s internet website, which receives over 100,000 hits monthly
*possibility of organizing a company-sponsored party during the Festival
*other forms of advertising proposed by the sponsor

In exchange, we propose the following levels of sponsorship:

Gold-Level Sponsor:    all forms of advertising      4000-5500 zł
Silver-Level Sponsor:    choice of 5 types of ads     2000-3500 zł
Bronze-Level Sponsor:   choice of 3 types of ads   1500 zł

All arrangements concerning sponsorship and participation by firms can be established on an individual basis.

It is of utmost importance for us to achieve a professional level of preparation for the Festival, an increasingly broader level of interest among attendees, as well as increased organizational participation by other companies.
We would be greatly obliged if your firm were to join us in organizing this Festival and become a patron of this extremely fascinating and needed cultural event, as well as join us in a long-term partnership of our activities.

Sincerely yours,
Krzysztof Matosek
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Re: Second Annual Festival of Antique Automobiles – Norblin 2006
« Reply #1 on: April 20, 2006, 08:05:49 pm »

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Sponsorship (Media):
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Sponsorship (Internet):
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next I send a list about cars which you will see in this exhibition about classic cars (1900-1980)
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Re: Second Annual Festival of Antique Automobiles – Norblin 2006
« Reply #2 on: April 20, 2006, 08:33:08 pm »

FSO WARSZAWA 210 1964  prototyp
FSO SYRENA 100 1957
FSO SYRENA 110 1967 prototyp
FSO SYRENA 105 1972 
Polski FIAT 125p 1967
Polski FIAT 125p REKORD 1973
Polski FIAT 125p no.1000000 1974
Polski FIAT 125 4X4 1977
Polski FIAT 125 1991 kombi the last
Polski FIAT 125 1991 sedan the last
FSO OGAR LS 1977 prototyp
POLSKI 1975 prototyp FSO Polonez
FSO POLONEZ long pick-up 1981 prototyp
FSO POLONEZ DIESEL 1989 prototyp
FSO POLONEZ ANALOG 1994 prototyp
FSO POLONEZ FALEN 1994 prototyp
FSO POLONEZ KOMBI 1999 prototyp
FSO WARS 1100 1987 prototyp
FSO WARS 1300 1987 prototyp

Cadillac V8 1934 specjal version by Józef Piłsudski
Ford model T 1917
Coventry Hamber 1908
Packard Super Eight Pasanger 1939
Polski FIAT 508 1938
Polski FIAT 508 III 1937 Łazik
Polski FIAT 508 III 1938 4-d
STAR 20 1947 prototyp
Lublin 51 1957
Polski FIAT 621L

FSO Polski FIAT 125p Akropolis replica
FSO Polonez 2000
FIAT 124 Abarth
FIAT 131 abarth
Lancia Fulva
FSO FIAT Coupe prototyp 1974
FSM Beskid 1984 prototyp
Polski FIAT 125p Monte Carlo replica
FSO Polonez Stratos 2500 Racing,

And more very interesting cars - private. Motorcycle will be too, about 30 piece from Polish’s company and from aboard.
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