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some updates ,what you think ?


guy moerenhout:
Mayby nex yust connect the rollcage and place floor and connection for the suspention and will be faster

guy moerenhout:
yes a separet chassis is better but no the spirit from monomille

guy moerenhout:

Hi, Guy,

How much will this sell for when it is done?

Is that a 58 or 70 HP engine?

By the way, my DVD of SpaItalia is done and I will be mailing you a copy soon.  What size TV do you have?  If you have a big screen I will send you a high-quality image copy.

Jim Oddie

guy moerenhout:
he Jim ,I have a big TV at home .A car like this you must count +-35000 euro ready.I can do already on from 30000 euro .You can also buy the body for 7000 euro and bild it yourself(our with friends,family)


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