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guy moerenhout:
1969 car;105 HP   A112 engine with crossflow head ,two weber 40 DCOE ;4 disc, ATS 7x13 front   8x13 rear,rollcage; harnass safetybelt;aluminium radiator     nice price for quick sale   ask it

Hi, Guy,

What is the price?


guy moerenhout:
14000 euro

If it has not sold, will this car be at the World Meeting?

If I come to GMR on June 13, will this car be there for me to see?

Thank you,


Can you give some more details about this car, or post more photos? 
Is the front suspension stock, or coil-over?
I don't know the crossflow head.  Can you tell us more about it?
The engine must have a full-race cam and very high compression to make that many HP.  Could it still be driven on the street, or would that not be practical?

Thanks again,



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