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125 TC ex factory car
« on: April 04, 2006, 01:00:41 PM »
As I would like you to join us in introducing your Ritmo on this Forum, I will begin with introducing the 125 TC from Guy.

The former rally pilote was Dortu a very well known Belgian driver in the eighties. The car was bought directly from the Fiat Abarth workshop (Torino) for Belgian three times Rally champion Willy Plas,  who drove only three Rallies with it before turning it over to Dortu. If you investigate this car roughly you can very good see it is not just a standard 125 TC. All these homologated special parts, disc brakes rear ,welded body,pedal box  etc... are just not standard. Occording to Plas, ex manager of Fiat Belgio rally team, this must have been one of the first group A 125 TC ever build by the Torino workshop. The group A cars where adapted touring cars (adapted ofcourse with homologated parts) for which the series had to have a production of at least 5000 identical models to be homologated.
This ex factory car (rescued of dismanteling by Guy its true!!!), must have about 152 HP on the weels. Asking for the power of the car, Plas said it was realy very, very fast!
Some work has to be done but it will be driving very soon now. All the homologation papers came with the car when Guy bought it. The car beiing only used in rallies was never official on the road.
Enjoy the photos and we hope to have more photos of Willy Plas driving this car soon! If you have photo's of Dortu or Plas driving this car please feel free to share them with us.

More photos on

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