Author Topic: Some comments on The Ritmo 125 TC  (Read 2712 times)

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Some comments on The Ritmo 125 TC
« on: March 29, 2006, 03:30:39 PM »
In the General section of the Ritmo's you found out how Fiat came to the concept of this car. The result was realy fantastic. The 2 liter engine with his 125 HP was in everything the master of the Golf GTI, what used to be the reference for such a cars in that period. Likewise the 75 gr.2 the 125 TC became a classvictor aswell in many rallies. The standard sportscar was delivered with a single double corped weber, 4-wheel independend suspension, spoilers in front and on the back, decorative lines, 14" sportswheels, spacy and luxuary, but sportive looking , finishing on the inside. Everything what a automobile sportslover likes. These photos talk.....

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