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Ritmo 75 gr.2 of Patrese and Scheckter
« on: March 24, 2006, 12:22:12 PM »
Here you will find some Photo’s of the Giro d’Italia of 1978. 2 Ritmos 75 gr. 2  where participating the event that is held allover Italie with patrese as victorer.. It was one of the most important Italian rally events at that time driven  both on track as normal Rallyroads. Numberplate S61354-TO (black with red stripes) was driven by Ricardo Patrese. Numberplate S61355-TO (Red with black stripes) was driven by Jody Scheckter. Observers say that the Ritmo of Scheckter was less powerfull then that of Patrese. On top of that Scheckter was having problems with his coupling in Imola. At last Schecter was 27th and Patrese won the event with excellent schratches. 

patrese with Scheckter behind him (whats new...?)


Look how enthousiastic the Italians are...

Patrese showing his best on the circuit

Here is Scheckter again

Recent Photo of Scheckters car

Another one.
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