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All on Ritmo Abarth
« on: March 24, 2006, 11:38:40 am »
Hello Ritmo Abarth enthousiasts,

I first want to introduce myselve. I'm Eric (Vlasi on the forum) and for those who don't know me I'm the son in law of Guy. Recentely I bougt Guy's Ritmo Abarth 75, a car where I was crazy about since years and from which I think it should stay in the family. Guy asked me to boost the Ritmo section a little bit by giving more information in the hope that you all respond by sending photo's of your own car or whatever photo's you posess. It is verry difficult to find good info on the Ritmos in a universal language as English is. So let us all benefit from eachothers photos and documentations and present your car and what you know, just like Donnie recently did.
I would like to ask you to reply only on a topic when it is in relation with it. You can always open a new topic for instance to introduce your car or you can reply on a car or item already "topiced" when you have new relevant info.
I want to mention particulary Fabrice Morello of the CRAC Forum who is, besides Guy, one of my most important sources. His Forum is unfortanately in french and I will be translating some topics. If you want to visit his Forum go to .

Thanks and have nice Ritmotrip through the forum.   
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Re: All on Ritmo Abarth
« Reply #1 on: March 01, 2013, 01:25:55 pm »
hello eric,

do you know this site?
there you can find nearly everything about the Ritmo

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