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Special 125 S for racing and sport use in New Zealand


guy moerenhout:

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I own a Fiat 125 T, the T designation describes it as being one of Approximiately 80-86 of this model, modified by the New Zealand agents as a New Zealand Homologation special. Perhaps less than half remain. The tuning of the 1608 engine saw power go from 90bhp up to approx 128bhp with modification to the head, valve seats, cams and the mounting of 2 twin choke carbs.(Webber\'s for Racing, Dellorto\'s for the road cars. Additional capacity was added to the fuel tank and the rear suspension was modified(lowered). The tuning was based upon a South African tuning kit, and branded as a Scorpion Kit. This kit had 3 levels of tune (from the standard 90bhp) 125,150 and 190 bhp.
As I have a number of spare engine blocks please advise the types of components you have for the engine rebuild of car 95, the 125 S, and the expected BHP rating. I am also interested in other trim pieces which you have or can acquire.
Thank you
Craig benson

guy moerenhout:
hallo Craig ,is is realy 190 HP !!!!

Fiat 125 T:
Hello Guy

Just to Clarify one point, the Fiat 125 T was a development of the standard Fiat 125 1608cc & 90bhp. While the 125 S was sold in New Zealand it was not done so in huge numbers. Today it is quite a rareity.

The tuning of 190bhp is taken from an article published in 1972, of which I have a copy and will send it to you.

A local garage proprietor Maurice Thompson of Maurice  Thompson Motors, is probably  NZ's best authority on the 125 T, his father having sold them new and second hand and Maurice having serviced, rebuilt and sold them.

It was through Maurice that I acquired mine.

It was also Maurice who advised me that a local farmer, many years ago had imported a Fiat 125 running the 190bhp tuning kit from Alconi / Scorpion in South Africa. Maurice serviced the car for a period

Alconi, the developer of the Scorpion kit in South Africa, amalgamated with another company  and now go by the name of Alpine Developments.
They have a number of branches in SA as well as a USA operating division.

I have tried to contact them regarding the technicial information of their Kits, but I have had no luck.

Fiat 125 T

guy moerenhout:
I will tray it Craig ,mayby whe speak the same  Afrikaans= Flemish


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