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saving a car in MY WAY ( real fatory car)


guy moerenhout:
I found this car in a field and it was there more than some years after the wish to find new bilsteins and send them one to germany.It come never back and after some years talking with owner no 3  was I the new owner from car ,wheels and lots of boxes .I make my own chose off colors (was in time that nobody wish to have that type of Fiat and I was rallying for Fiat Belgio) after this I find out that the Ex W.Plas (3 times Belguim champion was driving with his car in almost same colors long time ago)The car was also Black Carling Black Label,White /Blue  Boule National and Red  After some time the car is now almost ready to go back on the Road with my son in law and mayby W.Plas in Spaitalia

Hello Guy,

What care are you talking about?

guy moerenhout:
I did a mistake with placing photos and the will come this evening.Some persons are saying colors ,parts ,our cars are not the correct ones.Most off the time the never rebuild a real value car with story.I prefere to see that a car had live and keep it that way.If I see a ex factory car our famous rallycar shinny whitout signs of use I have my ideé  from this car and say nothing.Iff you wish to have it realy like this ,you must by it and invest 15000/25000 in it  our you must be happy that some persons still invest in  real rallystory.   PS this is not for this forum ,but on some forum the speak  and dont now what the say

guy moerenhout:
Sorry ,the Fiat  Abarth Ritmo 75  group 2 ,where the make only +- 6 cars the say (ex factory like the one in our place ,now own by my son in law.)

guy moerenhout:
I hope that it works now


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