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I noticed that this site sells polyester bodies, under the 'cars remake' section. Are these bodies only for original Abarth cars, or can they be fitted to past Fiat models?
Thank You

Pawel Sokolowski:
the monomille/bialbero is like the original on the 600 floorplate but alternatief can also a 850 or even a simca 1000 to make a abarth simca     the 1300 OT fits on a 850 coupe ,but again also possible but not yet fitted a berline or simca 1000 must go     the biposto and 2000 spider have a tube chassis   and  x1/9 prototypo  fit on x1/9

Thank you very much. :D  I am sure I will have more questions about this.

guy moerenhout:
I think whit the new reglements whe can start to drive with our remake of the abarth's in FIA ,what do you think ?  :roll:  :roll:  :roll:  :roll:

Question on 1000 Bialbero.  Where is one to get the glass for windshield, side and rear windows and headlight covers?


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