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guy moerenhout:
this car have ch no 136 092 and have roadpapers.Boby is rebuild new groundplate,engine is a abarth 130 build to 2100 cc special pistons,camshaft and exhaust manifold so must be +185/190hp with his light weight body it goos.The gearbox is abarth scorpione 4 speed .6,5 x13 front and 7x13 campagnolo rearĀ  full rollcage,racing seat and racing suspention make a tru dream onĀ  earth .Brakes are upgrated and all new ,the car is for sale and f you now the make mayby 55 cars ,then you have sure a unicum

I saw one of these cars at the Monterey Historic Races in 1985 and still remember how beautiful it was.

I notice the front of the car is quite high, and the sump is very close to the ground.  Can the front be lowered?  Can you really drive the car on the street with the sump that low?

Beautiful car!


guy moerenhout:
I made the car for Rally and with this setup the roadholding and handling is very good.On rear there are two set shocks and goos not down.Its possible to let the car down on front but for me its OK like this

Hello, I am new here. My residence currently is Yokohama, Japan.  May I inquire if this Simca 2000 is still available for sale, and if so what is the asking price ?  Thank you Guy.  My utmost compliments to your wonderful site.  w/smiles   Jimmy

guy moerenhout:
hallo Jimmy ,this car is sold last week with lots of regrets.Thanks and I can only say that whe do our best for everthing


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