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group 2 wingextentions

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--- Quote from: guy moerenhout on November 29, 2005, 12:36:49 pm ---what is better ???? whit our whitout the new wingextentions group 2

--- End quote ---

could you tell me something more about wheels 

guy moerenhout:
you can go 5,5 w13 ,6x13 and  7x13 even more

I would like to know the specifications of this car and the price to delivery in Portugal

Motor type?? 1600 or 1800 or even 2000?
Gear box - 4 or 5 gear
Suspension type?
Transmission - Autoblocant ? Yes or No?
Interiores? Competition baquets or normal?
Wheels? 6" or 7"

Thank you

Hi Riobom,

This car is a 125s, so 100 hp and 5 gears.

Knowing Guy you will be able to have it built to your specifications.

Just wait until next week, when he comes back from Portugal and then send him a private mail.

Have a nice day,


guy moerenhout:
back ,and all what Yves have told is correct .


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