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guy moerenhout:
what is best ????
with our without the new wingextentions group 2 ???


--- Quote from: guy moerenhout on November 29, 2005, 12:36:49 pm ---what is better ???? whit our whitout the new wingextentions group 2

--- End quote ---
In my opinion defenetly with :)

i like it with extensxion, but not glossy but satin finish...

anyway l love to look at that car,  i learned to drive in a 125 S and used quite a lot of brakepads on my dad's on the local racetrack..

looking forward to see the evolution of the project.


I like it with extension, but now something is wrong with colorization of that car. it looks to, "funky". I would leave yellow lights, and as naegeli said, i would finish extensions in satin black.

nice work Guy

i think the problem in the look of the car is that it has a whit roof that kills the black, i would go black satin hood, roof and extensions


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