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webchef reKupnet:

All Cars(?)
Fully seam welded, gusseted and plated tub
Strengthened suspension mounting points
Full roll cage
Perspex door windows
Strengthened mounting points for hard top
Lightweight boot lid with rubber retaining clips
Lightweight bonnet with bonnet pins (two or three pin in three different layouts)
Full width alloy sump guard with protection for inner suspension mounts
1973 on
Wider (100mm) wheel arch extensions
Enlarged rear wheel arch openings
1974 on
Access points in rear scuttle for top bolts of rear struts (trom 1/1974)
Changed frontal layout with integral spotlights either side of grill, altered sidelights and brake
ducts, eggbox grill (from 4/1974)
Front end wide body kit with vents in rear of front wings for extracting hot air from under wheelarches
  (from 7/1974)
Bonnet with integral spotlights (from 7/1974)
Altered gearbox tunnel (from 7/1974)
Strengthened radiator mounts (from 7/1974)
Rear wide body kit with scoops in front of rear wheel arches for brake cooling (from 10/1974)
Enlarged rear brake cooling ducts (from 1/1975)
Cold air scoops on bonnet (from 7/1975)
Lightened (thinner) glassfibre hard top (from 7/1975)
Altered doors (from 7/1975)
Flattened/Cut away cross beam on bulkhead
Cut away gearbox tunnel for easier access (7/1975 on)


20mm alloy wheel spacers
Steel wheel studs with rolled threads (instead of bolt type fixing)

Tarmac -      
8J x 13 Cromadora Magnesium wheels
235/530 x 13 hand cut slicks
9J x 13 Cromadora Abarth Magnesium Rear wheels from late 75)

Forest -         
5.5J x 13 Abarth CD30 Magnesium wheels
6J x 13 Cromadora Magnesium wheels
185/70 x 13 (Rear)
175/84x13 (Front)

Earlv 8 Valve ~ Type 132
As Standard but :
Aluminium Big wing wet sump with side mounted oil filter
Balanced and shot peened steel rods
Balanced Crank
Lightened flywheel
Forged pistons
10.8 to 1 Compression Ratio
High lift and duration cams
Larger valves
Gas flowed head and manifold
Twin 44 IDF carbs
Later 8 Valve (Type 132) Engine - (Changes)
1839cc (86mm Bore)
Remote oil filter
Steel big wing wet sump
Modified Jackshaft
Series One Abarth 16 Valve (type 232A) Engine - (Changes) - First used (when?)
As early 8 valve but:
16 valve head assembly
Forged pistons
Abarth Crank (different pattern - toughened and hardened)
Side (block) mounted distributor
Twin 48 IDF carbs
Modified Jackshaft
Smaller Jackshaft belt drive wheel
Series Two Abarth 16 Valve (type 232B) Enqine - (Changes) - First used fwhen?)
As type 232A but 1839cc (86mm Bore)
Changes/Alternative parts for type 232A/B
Exhaust Cam mounted distributor
Bosch/Kugelfischer direct fuel injection with guillotine type throttle assembly
Full dry sump (with tank in boot)
Series One Lampredi 16 Valve
Completely different engine based on 1997cc block with Lampredi designed head as subsequently fitted to 131 Abarth. Engine probably only fitted experimentally, but reputedly also fitted to Alen's car in 1976 Monte.

(For Carbs/Injection see "Engine" section)
Twin electric fuel pumps in boot
Fuel lines through cockpit
Alternative larger fuel tank mounted in LHS of boot for long distance events. Flat floor (1973on)
Alternative larger fuel tank mounted on rear bulkhead in boot. Flat floor (10/1974 on)

256mm x 20mm vented discs (from 1/1974)
Cooling ducts to discs
Forged Aluminium alloy ATE two pot calipers (Porsche 911 RS type) (from 1/1974)
Lockheed 4 pot alloy Calipers (from late 1975)
256mm x 9.6mm (?) solid steel discs (from 1/1974)
Steel two pot calipers
Cooling ducts to discs (from 10/1974 with full wide body kit)
Abarth small drum type mechanical handbrake assembly (in bell of rear disc) - (from
In line hydraulic handbrake (from 10/1974)
BRAKES - General
All brake lines internal
All brake hoses armoured
No brake servo
Twin Master cylinders with separate reservoirs under scuttle
Opening in scuttle over reservoirs (from 4/1974)
Brake bias adjuster (from 10/1974)
Quick ratio steering box (2.4 turns lock to lock) with strengthened drop arm.
Strengthened (gusseted) idier arm Fabricated and rose jointed tie rods
Strengthened track control rods
Strenghened front cross member
Strengthened (gusseted) upper wishbones with rose joints at inner end
Strengthened (plated) lower wishbones with rose joints at inner end (from 1/1975)
Stronger (forged steel) stub axles
Rose jointed anti roll bar drop links
Up rated dampers
Up rated springs
Rose jointed drag links
Rose jointed drop links on anti roll bar
Strenghthened anti roll bar mounts
Gusseted lower reverse wishbone with rose joints
Strengthened hub carriers (from early 1974)
New type forged steel hub carriers with mounts tor two brake calipers (7/1975 on)
Strengthened differential carrier
Up rated struts with adjustable spring platforms
Up rated springs

downloadable PDF-file in attachment thanks again to Peter N.

guy moerenhout:
suplement  wheels   front/rear 7x13 cromodra  magnesium       ;      front  8x13    campagnolo 4 spoke       rear  9x13    campagnolo  magnesium      newbielink: [nonactive]     

guy moerenhout:
yesterday I find more special info and things that I dident now from the factory car.It was with a car that I was buying and after reading the new book from Nada :Fiat in Rally  Info comes

Hello Guy,
I have a question about Kugelfischer fuel injection, for which I like your opinion. Do you believe one can fit a BMW 2002 tii Kugelfischer injection system succesfully to a 1.8 liter 8V 124 engine? or better a 2L 131 engine with late16V head? or can it be made to fit? I am especially worried about the engine specific control cam in the fuel pump. Is it still available for such 131 16V engine?

kind regards
Peter, Netherlands

guy moerenhout:
I now that Polski Fiat did rally with the Polonez and Kugelfischer (a complete engine is for sale in france-8000 euro) I have rebuild via Poland some pomps and the make the specific cam for it .I have a 131 Kugelfischer pomp on spare for my Alitalia .I wish to adapt on one of the Powerplus cars with the 16 V this .On a 124 the do already the same modifications with injektion


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